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There's a difference between what "can work" and what "does work" when it comes to ERP software. To successfully leverage the software, Greenstone focuses on the people and the business processes involved, not just the technologies required to meet a deliverable.


How we differ:

Our Drive and Purpose: We are personally committed to meeting our clients' goals, whether it's a typical ERP implementation or a custom software solution. We do this by only hiring people who can see the big picture. We do not have a salesforce that promises one thing, followed by an implementation team that "didn't know" what the salesperson promised. Our implementers are involved from the beginning of a project themselves, and therefore know what needs to be delivered.



A consulting group is a service firm, and the quality suffers when turnover occurs. Through employee ownership and a cautious hiring process, we provide consultants who are interested in long-term relationships.



At Greenstone, you won't find people trying to "make their numbers for the month quarter"; our goal is to deliver solutions and services that last, and that's done by having our consultants own a part of our own enterprise.


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